Meet the designer

Stephan Mees

Working with Charles and Tom is very valuable to me, like soulmates,…
The Journey itself is the satisfaction, creativity the blessing.
Inspiring – Devoted – Balanced – Pure – Passionate

I think that being on the commercial side throughout my career, while still being an active designer enables me to see both sides of the equation.
By balancing the interest of both designer and companies, the designer does more than is expected of him and the manufacturer reciprocates.

We’re living in the age of cross-disciplinary, cross-pollination.
Art, Design, Craft, Architecture;
Where are the boundaries? Do they even exist anymore?
If so they’re becoming increasingly blurred.

The world is experiencing a renaissance of craft and maker culture, with an emphasis on the creators and provenance of items,
and projects undertaken to preserve and revive ancient techniques.

There’s room for innovation, play and personality. However we can not get away from craftsmanship. Knowhow is not just an idea. It’s a fact.
Quality infuses itself into every product, no matter the design. It’s not enough for an object to be simply beautiful,
it must possess utility and function, and it must withstand trend and time.

Under the title ‘Unfolding a Renaissance of Craftsmanship’,
I strive for a balanced combination of an aesthetic homage and a representation of a rich heritage.
Impelling design to embrace modernity, to pare down objects to their essentials, to enhance forms by refining rather than embellishing.
The intrinsic, timeless qualities of the materials used.
Incorporating craft into daily design and keeping focus on sustainability.

‘Making things that we will love forever is the hardest thing to do in design’.
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