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For 100%LIGHT bv, your privacy is very important. Please read carefully this notice and if you do not agree with it, please do not leave any personal information.

100%LIGHT is a lighting manufacturer (architectural, decorative and signage) since 2004 and located in Belgium. Your data is protected according the European Privacy standards. We are committed to protect your privacy and to process your personal data in an open and transparent manner, in particular with respect of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (“GDPR”).

Our headquarters:
Address: Krommebeekpark 41, 8800 Roeselare, Belgium
Phone: +32(0)51 40 66 50
Company number: 0867.756.456

Our privacy policy is written to inform you what personal data we collect about you. Our goal is to be transparent about what information we collect about you and why we collect it and what we do with it. The personal data that we collect means any general (personal) information, a specific set of information from which we can (directly or indirectly) identify you. (e.g. with your full name, address, e-mail address, phone number, profession, company, …).

You have to keep in mind this privacy notice when you contact our internal sales dept. (even by phone), login to our website, subscribe to our newsletters, join our business events or fairs, purchase our products or use any of our (IT/web/…) applications. Even when you visit our company, as professional/private person or consumer or business professional, agent, dealer, supplier or customer or person where we have (or in near future could have) in a certain way a business relation with.

We collect data in function of who you are. The data could be, contact information or personal, login information (even obtained from your social media, joint marketing partners or other third parties), profession, images or movies (technical or not), in some cases financial information or any information that you share with us on a free base. Through our digital channels we also collect IT- or hardware data as your logon data, location information, IP address, operating system version, MAC address, as how you act on our website as what files you download/send and when (from our website or other (IT-)application).

We collect your data for different legitimate (business) reasons. We (e.g. (Internal) sales- or marketing dept. or other depts.) could use your data for screening in the search for new customers, suppliers or for relations we do business with. Other reasons of using your data could be for direct marketing (e.g. newsletters, announcements of new products, surveys, interests, …) fairs, advertising, … giving support on specific issues, making written agreements, warranties, account management, IT-improvements on (web)services or IT-applications, finance or legal obligated reasons (e.g. tax deductions, claims, complaints, …).
You can always opt-out (or unsubscribe), change your data or contact us (see above: headquarter info) if you do not want to receive any marketing related e-mails anymore or if you wish to remove all your data in our systems.

We always use your data, based on the necessary legal bases provided by local laws.

We do not share your data to other parties except for business partners (agents, dealers, …), service providers (e.g. direct marketing e-mail providers, …), governmental authorities, lawyers, auditors, accountants, banks.

We will keep your data in our systems as long as necessary for our purposes (see purposes mentioned in this notice) and all appropriate measures will be taken to protect your data as much as possible. However there is not one system that is 100% secure. If you doubt on the security measures we daily take and you want to stop sharing your data with us or you want a copy of your data we have in our systems or have other questions about your data, please contact headquarters mentioned above in this notice.

Last revised: 1/10/2023

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